Why 95 Percent of Bloggers Fail to Make Serious Money

Here’s how to become part of the five percent

Jack Krier
5 min readMar 8, 2022


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It took me five years to make serious money with blogging.

I launched my first ever blog in 2012, but I didn’t make any money until 2017.

By 2021, I had built nine other blogs and sold most of them again. I made a profit on some but also lost money.

Fast forward to today, and I have three blogs that all make decent money — and allow me to travel the world full-time.

In other words, I traversed a trial and error cycle through hell.

I spent hundreds of hours blogging for myself without any tangible gains. I didn’t realize that I was on a path to becoming a starving writer. Worse still, I thought that my blogs were fantastic. I believed that the quality of my writing would eventually pay off.

None of that happened. I had to learn the hard way that if you don’t provide value, build authority, and treat your blogs as a business — you’ll remain in internet nirvana forever.

According to a survey by iBlog Magazine, less than seven percent of bloggers make more than 5,000 dollars a year.

For most of the last ten years, I was far below that threshold. My career wasn’t advancing, and I couldn’t build the lifestyle that I wanted.

The silver lining was that I was learning more about blogging every single day. And these painful lessons helped me change my strategy and eventually succeed.

I started to grasp the mechanics and economics of modern blogging. I have since gathered millions of views and made a decent living.

On this basis, here’s why 95 percent of bloggers fail to make serious money.

They think it’s all about them

The first mistake that new bloggers make is to organize their blogs in a self-centered way.

In simple terms, they think that it’s all about themselves.

These days, however, successful blogs aren’t personal diaries. They are interactive platforms that answer clear-cut questions in a specific niche.



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