These Mini-Changes Will Help You Organize Your Day For Ultimate Productivity

Become more productive by tweaking your habits

Jack Krier
5 min readFeb 25, 2022


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Sometimes, small changes can have an immense effect on your productivity.

Many people think that they need to change their entire routines to get more done, but that’s rarely the case.

Most of us are busy, and we cannot accommodate major habit alterations in our daily lives.

That’s where the following mini-changes come into play.

Instead of trying to change your life all at once, try tweaking various parts of your routine. In other words, add a combination of minor changes to your day. These tiny tweaks will work in conjunction and make you more productive over time.

On this basis, here are seven mini-changes that will help you organize your day for ultimate productivity.

Pre-arrange your workspace

A few years ago, I was working in the finance sector. I shared an office with three other people, and we all had large glass desks.

One thing that stunned me every morning was that everyone — including myself — spent ten minutes cleaning and organizing their desk before starting their day. The ritual had become so automatic that nobody questioned it.

At some point, I decided to get my desk ready for the next day when I left at night. It was a mini-change to my workday — only requiring 5–10 additional minutes in the office, but it had a tremendous impact.

Every morning, I would come in and start right away with more poise and focus.

No matter if you work in a corporate office or at home, pre-sorting your workspace is a simple yet overlooked way to become more productive every day.

Cut off notification streams

The next mini-change that can make you more productive every day concerns notifications.

Let’s get this straight. Most of us receive hundreds of notifications on our phones every day, and only a fraction of those is genuinely important.

In the words of Lifehack,

“The fact is that…



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