These Are the 6 Fears That Hold You Back The Most in Life

Become unstoppable by letting go of these

Jack Krier
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Nobody is immune to fear.

Being scared is a natural part of the human condition.

We all fear something — whether it’s heights, public speaking, or approaching a person at the bar.

In this context, one part of our brain tells us to stay in our comfy little corner and refrain from doing anything risky.

Fear isn’t inherently negative. The fear of injury can prevent us from driving like a hooligan. The fear of being broke can avert imbecilic financial decisions.

Fear is, however, also one of the forces that will hold you back. In other words, dreading too many things will lead to apathy.

Here are five common fears that hold you back — and how to overcome them.

What if I get rejected?

One of the most common anxieties is the fear of rejection.

I would love to apply for that dream job, but what if they don’t take me? I want to approach that person at the bar, but what if they aren’t interested?

Fear of rejection is a straightforward idea. We have to do something new, and we don’t know the outcome.

In many cases, it’s not so much a fear of people but a fear of uncertainty. We choose the safe option by not exposing ourselves to the risk of rejection.

Ask yourself the following: what’s the worst possible outcome?

If you’re afraid you won’t get job X, the worst potential result is that you’ll have to look for another job. No job is perfect, and no opportunity is 100% unique.

If you’re scared to talk to someone because they might reject you, consider this: if they do, they’ll have forgotten about you within ten minutes.

Uncertainty is a natural part of life. And once you realize that the worst possible outcome is usually just a matter of finding a new opportunity, your fear of rejection will dwindle.

I don’t like to speak in front of a crowd



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