My 6 Favorite Decompression Rituals to Relieve Stress

Different methods that alleviate stress factors

Jack Krier
5 min readDec 6, 2021


We all face stress factors in our busy lives, and we need ways to cope with them.

Whether it’s work, our personal lives, or our general situation, mental strain is everywhere.

As a self-employed content creator, I am always working, and the lines between my professional life and my leisure time become more blurred every year.

As such, once or twice a year, I need a mental reset. Usually, around November/December, my mind tells me that it’s to slow down. Take some time off, and recharge the batteries.

As a full-time traveler, this generally culminates in me heading somewhere familiar and unwinding there for a few weeks.

There are, however, also shorter activities that can help you alleviate your stress factors. You don’t need to take several weeks off. You simply need a few calming habits.

Enter my decompression rituals.

Rooted in different cultures, I discovered these habits throughout my travels. I’ve since replicated them in various locations, and they always do a great job of relieving stress.

On this basis, here are six decompression rituals that help reduce stress.

The “forest bath”

The idea of “forest bathing” emerged in Japan in the 1980s. Called “shinrin-yoku,” its purpose was two-fold: relieve the busy Japanese worker’s ever-increasing stress levels and promote the country’s pristine forest landscapes.

I spent a month in Japan and tried the ritual myself. To my surprise, it’s a lot easier than what people imagine in the West. Better still, there is no clear definition, so how you go about forest bathing is up to yourself.

In simple terms, forest bathing is about going into the woods and focusing your mind on the surroundings. Call it mindfulness, meditative walking, or simply hiking — it’s all about connecting to nature.

In this context, it’s easy to replicate in the forest of your choice.

Leave your smartphone at home and go for a walk. During your walk, admire the different types…



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