I’ve Watched Over 100 Youtube Travel Channels — Here Are My 5 Favorites

What makes a great channel?

Jack Krier


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Remember the days when you had to spend hours looking for a travel documentary on destination X?

If you wanted to see what the Congo is like, all you had were BBC travel documentaries and news footage.

Today, you open Youtube and find dozens or even hundreds of vlogs and documentaries on every destination. Of course, some countries have more content than others, but almost no place in the world is nonexistent on Youtube.

As a Youtuber and full-time traveler, I consume a lot of travel vlogging content. The primary reason is that I want to see what a place is like before going there. But what makes a binge-worthy vlogging channel?

Over the past few months, I’ve watched videos from over 100 channels.

Unfortunately, most of them were forgettable. The problem is that many travel vlogging channels use the same formula. And if you aren’t already familiar with the person or channel, you won’t remember their names. Simply put, if a vlogging channel doesn’t provide a unique viewer experience, it won’t stand out in Youtube’s sea of content.

Many people wrongly assume that production quality and editing are the drivers for success. As you’ll see, these elements are crucial, but one factor trumps them all: unique storytelling.

If you have a memorable and particular way of getting your story across, your production quality can be terrible. People won’t care. What they’ll remember is the feeling they had while watching the video. And that stems from the channel’s uniqueness.

5 great travel channels in no particular order

The following are my five favorite travel channels in 2023. All five are fantastic in their own right because they found a unique way to entertain their viewers.

Fearless and Far

Mike Corey is a professional filmmaker who hosts a travel show on the Weather Channel. On his Youtube channel Fearless and Far, he takes the viewer to off-the-beaten-path countries, lives with tribes, and goes on nature-related adventures.



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