Happiness and Fulfilment are Overrated — Here’s What to Chase Instead

Being happy isn’t a realistic long-term goal

Jack Krier


I just want to be happy.

Next year, I’ll do more of the things that make me happy. In the future, I want a fulfilling job and a happy family.

Many people make statements like these without realizing one essential truth: happiness and fulfillment are temporary.

As social media bombards us with people’s “amazing lives,” we believe that there must be a way toward ultimate fulfillment.

We think that other people are happier than us. Their lives are perfect, and somehow, they found a route toward sheer happiness. That belief creates the illusion that happiness and fulfillment are quantifiable goals, like a particular car or dream house.

Happiness, however, isn’t a state. It’s a feeling that comes and goes.

In the words of Buddha,

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”

Because happiness isn’t a measurable entity, it’s a terrible goal. By chasing happiness, you’ll never stop wanting more because there is no clear endpoint.

There are much better ways to become more satisfied in life — without trying too hard to be happy.

On this basis, here’s why happiness and fulfillment aren’t worthwhile goals.

Nobody is happy 100% of the time

The first step toward having better goals is to accept that happiness isn’t a perennial state.

The idea that happiness is about smiling and being joyful all the time is a myth.

As Psychology Today points out:

“Happiness is not about being happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Happiness is not about always smiling, laughing, and being joyful. Happiness is not about being numb to negative feelings.”

In reality, happiness comes in short bursts. And these bursts are a direct consequence of how satisfied you are with your daily life.

As such, daily satisfaction is a much better goal. If you feel like you’re getting closer to your long-term goals every single



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