8 Powerful Questions That Can Take Your Life to the Next Level

Work toward your goals by questioning

Jack Krier


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Questions are one of the best ways to advance in life.

In truth, most people do not question anything.

They live their lives and follow a path that they — or somebody else, pre-designed a long time ago. And there is nothing wrong with that. Many people relish the comfort of stability without too much risk and evolution.

Taking your life to the next level, however, is a different story.

If you want to break out of the norm, question everything.

In this context, taking a few minutes daily to ask and answer personal growth questions is a powerful tool.

Some of the world’s top achievers perform this exact task.

In the words of Richard Branson,

“Far too many people get weighed down in doing and never take the time to think and feel. […] By scheduling time to think freely — whether it’s an hour, a day, or even a holiday — you’ll be able to see the bigger picture much easier.”

Consequently, taking time to think and to ask the right questions is a precondition for personal development.

So, which questions should you ask? There are many fruitful ways to question your life’s path, but the challenge resides in finding simple questions that actually help.

On this basis, here are eight powerful questions that can take your life to the next level.

What do I want to look like?

If you want to know where you’re at, ask yourself what you look like. Not in a physical sense — it’s about finding out what image you convey to the world.

In simple terms, look at people you admire and people you find repulsive. What are the primary attributes of the people you aspire to be? And what are the traits of the ones you don’t want to resemble?

Make a list of traits that you find admirable and traits that you can’t stand. Try to cultivate the former every day by asking yourself what you look like in the world.

If today was my last day alive, would I do



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