7 Mini Habits That Will Help You Become One Percent Better Every Day

Overlooked ways to improve every day

Jack Krier


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We all seek consistent improvement.

No matter if we’re building a business, embarking on a fitness journey, or taking on a personal growth challenge, becoming a little bit better every day is the key to success.

Enter the “One-Percent Rule.”

Popularized by James Clear in his groundbreaking book Atomic Habits, the concept is a well-established self-improvement notion nowadays.

In simple terms, small daily gains will accumulate over time and gradually take you closer to your goals.

But how do we achieve those one-percent improvements? How do we push ourselves every day to advance in those tiny fractions?

As with any self-improvement endeavor, there is no magic formula.

There are, however, numerous techniques that can safeguard your tiny gains every day. In conjunction, these seemingly insignificant habits can have a profound impact. And this combination will make an immense difference in the long run.

On this basis, here are seven mini habits that will help you become one percent better every day.

Three paragraphs in your journal

Many people struggle with daily journaling, and everyone has different methods.

To become a little bit better every day, however, it’s best to focus your journaling routine on the essentials. That’s where the following three paragraphs come into play.

Even if it’s only one sentence per paragraph, focus on answering these three questions every day:

  • What small win can I celebrate today?
  • How did today positively influence tomorrow?
  • What can I do better tomorrow?

I’ve completed these three paragraphs almost every day for the past three years, and they profoundly helped my productivity and mindfulness.

Here is an example of three answers:

  • I wrote an article for a freelance client today;
  • Today’s gym session will have a positive…



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