6 Ways to Free Yourself From a Hustle Obsession

Don’t work more. Work with more purpose.

Jack Krier
5 min readJul 2, 2021


In the 21st-century, the “hustle culture” has become an integral part of our idea of work.

I need to put in more hours to impress my boss. More night shifts will lead to quicker results, and by extension, faster promotion. And the more time I invest in my side hustle, the closer I’ll get to financial independence.

In short, we believe that the more we hustle, the quicker and better our results will be.

In many instances, however, this over-reliance on hustling is a trap.

By following a cultural idea — instead of measuring actual progress and efficacy, we run the risk of draining our energy with the wrong activities.

In simple terms, more hustling doesn’t automatically lead to progress.

That’s why we need to free ourselves from an externally-induced hustle obsession and start focusing on real-life impact. In other words, we need to apply suitable productivity techniques without succumbing to hustle porn.

On this basis, here are six ways to free yourself from a hustle obsession.

Redefine your idea of “hustle”

The first step toward adopting a healthier relationship with work is to re-calibrate your idea of “hustling.”

How much do you really need to work to attain your desired results?

In the words of Brian Scudamore at Forbes:

“To me, being the last person in and the last person out doesn’t prove your worth. There’s something to be said for knowing your limits and having the freedom to take a break.”

As such, start defining your limits, needs, and goals when it comes to working. Once identified, it will be easier to find a balance between working hard to progress and hustling to impress. And this balance is ultimately the key to advancing in your professional endeavors without ruining your mental and physical health.

Employ a strict cost-benefit analysis

The next antidote against a hustle obsession is a cost-return assessment.



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