6 Powerful Habits That Will Help You Create Space Every Day

Get more out of your days by making time

Jack Krier
5 min readSep 24, 2021


In our uber-busy lives, we tend to experience never-ending to-do lists and mental strain every day.

In simple terms, we are always busy, and our days lack space. Most of our days are filled to the brim with tasks without being productive or fulfilling. As such, we cram our routines with non-essential activities that do not help us progress.

That’s why we need to create space.

To focus our efforts in the right areas, we need more space every day. In other words, we need to unlock time that will help us pinpoint our efforts.

Instead of refreshing your email inbox every ten minutes, you need space to answer the messages that genuinely matter. In that same vein, don’t try to complete three assignments at once. Focus on finishing one exceptional task.

The idea is straightforward: build a to-do list that adheres to the less but better approach. Reduce the number of activities but find better ones.

On this basis, here are six powerful habits that will help you create space every day.

Do not let anyone interfere with your mornings

To create space every day, start with the first three hours.

The internet is full of morning routines, billionaire wake-up rituals, and 6 am activities. And while there is no point in copying someone else’s morning routine, the takeaway is simple: do not allow outside interference.

If you want to create space, you need to take control of your daily routine. And that starts in the morning.

Make your bed instantly. Prepare your own breakfast to avoid relying on external food. And most importantly, plan your morning schedule the night before.

Many people — including Jeff Bezos, who tackles his most important tasks between 10–12 — experience a peak productivity streak in the morning. That’s why it’s crucial to plan these hours well and avoid letting non-essential tasks ruin them.

Plan your screen time intentionally



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