6 Essential Traits of People With a Strong Character

How to identify rock-solid personalities

Jack Krier


Strong characters are often intimidating, but they also tend to achieve great things.

In this context, many people fear the prospect of dealing with a person who doesn’t hold back. Someone who stands up for their values and doesn’t shy away from affirming their beliefs.

They will portray you as “rude,” “standoffish,” or “over-confident.” What many people don’t realize, however, is that a strong character might seem aloof on the outside, but that appearance often reflects a mental fortress.

As such, a solid mental framework will help you chase your goals without external pressure. Better still, it can boost your resilience and self-discipline.

People with strong personalities aren’t always the most popular, “everybody’s darling” figures, but they possess the tools to advance in life.

On this basis, here are six essential traits of people with a strong character.

Thinking in pathways, not excuses

The first trait that sets strong characters apart from the rest is their attitude toward excuses.

We all know the most common ones.

I don’t have time to go to the gym. Launching a side hustle would be great, but it’s too late to start making money online now. I would love to travel, but I have no [opportunities/cash/travel buddies].

People with driven personalities simply don’t put up with these. They will adopt a different mentality. In their mind, excuses are the result of directing your energy toward the wrong areas.

Taking the ever-present excuse of lacking time, you don’t have time. You make time.

In this context, Forbes writes the following:

“When you make a decision and put energy its way, the path will clear as if by magic. Things work out. People back off. A clear path is deterred by no distractions. But time doesn’t suddenly appear; it has to be stolen. It’s stolen from the nonessential. It’s stolen from comfort and luxury. Steal moments every day to put energy into what you know you’re here to do.”



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