5 Incredible Benefits of Choosing the Path of Freedom

The advantages of living on your own terms

Jack Krier
5 min readSep 18, 2021


The quest for freedom is more present than ever.

In the 21st century, more and more people start to question conventional approaches to life and envision the other side of the spectrum: freedom.

What if I quit my job, try my hand at freelancing, and travel the world?

After all that has happened since 2020, it isn’t surprising that risking a traditional study-career-family approach to take the path of freedom suddenly sounds more appealing.

In short, for many people, freedom is the new ultimate life goal. Whether it’s the FIRE movement, digital nomadism, or other alternative lifestyles, many people now value freedom over stability.

As such, freedom has many definitions. For some people, it means traveling full-time. For others, it’s about controlling their professional life. And many connect the idea of freedom to the content of their days.

The coin naturally has two sides.

As John F. Kennedy once said in a political context, freedom has many difficulties.

In a 21st-century sense, living on your own terms — or “lifestyle design” — isn’t perfect. Many people are simply not cut out for an adventurous life and thrive more in a secure, stable environment.

However, a lifestyle dominated by freedom has some life-changing advantages. Growing as a person, learning responsibility, and becoming a better decision-maker are direct consequences of living on your own terms.

On this basis, here are five incredible benefits of choosing the path of freedom.

Freedom + discomfort = personal growth

The first primary benefit of taking the risk of choosing freedom is personal growth.

The formula is straightforward: the more freedom you have by controlling your time, and the more uncomfortable situations you put yourself in, the more you’ll grow as a person.

As a digital nomad, I like to cite the example of long-term travel. Without the freedom to travel the world, I would never have gotten into situations…



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