5 Activities I Cut Out of My Life to Become More Focused and Determined

Take your life to the next level by removing these obstacles

Jack Krier
4 min readMar 20


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If you want to improve your life, a balanced outlook is crucial.

Many of us perform activities that do not contribute to this balance. On the contrary, they engender negative feelings, jealousy, and general bitterness.

Those are the activities that you need to eliminate. In other words, the habits and mentalities that destroy your mental balance will also lower your chances of success in life.

By removing these from your everyday life, you’ll shift your focus toward genuine improvement. As such, you’ll stop living in dreamland, comparing yourself to others, and investing energy into things that don’t matter.

On this basis, here are five activities I cut out of my life to become more focused and determined.


The first activity that will prevent you from advancing in life is talking behind other people’s backs. Not just that — gossiping is something everybody hates but doesn’t refrain from doing.

It’s a funny double standard people have.

They complain about other people gossiping, but do it themselves regularly. We all know that friend, coworker, or relative who can’t stop badmouthing others but complains about gossiping in general.

Gossiping isn’t just a toxic way of treating relationships. It also prevents you from improving.

By focusing on other people’s positive or negative attributes, you’ll turn a blind eye to your own problems. And that’s a surefire way to hinder progress in life.

The solution is simple: ask yourself whether you’d say X to the person’s face. If not, just leave it in your thoughts.

Looking at numbers and stats every few minutes

As a content creator, stats matter. I have to track the progress of my blogs, my Youtube channel, and my Medium page.

Nevertheless, checking stats every few minutes is a terrible habit. Every content creator will know what I am talking about.



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