3 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Travel the World — And 3 Reasons Not to

Should you buy into the digital nomad hype?

Jack Krier


Photo by Moon on Unsplash

In our current times, more people than ever are quitting their jobs.

Dubbed the “Great Resignation,” more employees than ever before have left their jobs in the last 1.5–2 years, and the reasons are manifold. The pandemic naturally played a part, but many workers simply started to discover alternatives to a conventional 9–5.

In the words of The Guardian,

“Most people were reflecting on their lives at the same time that work was causing them burnout, or they were really enjoying working from home.”

In this context, many people want to change jobs or take time off. Others are looking for a better work-life balance. And finally, an increasing number of people want to take advantage of remote working opportunities and travel full-time.

In short, more and more former employees are considering a digital nomad lifestyle — be it as freelancers, entrepreneurs, or remote employees.

But is this a good idea? In other words, should you quit your job and travel the world?

Having been a digital nomad for over three years now, I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum.

During my digital nomad roller coaster ride, I’ve often felt on top of the world. However, I’ve also had some of the darkest moments of my life.

On this basis, here are three reasons to quit your job and travel the world — and three reasons not to.

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